RCC Mexico City Kit Coming!


In the Nahuatl language means “Place in the middle of the century plant”, it offers one of the most colorful and unique cultures in the world. Its culture is rich, colorful and vibrant, influenced by its ancient civilizations such as the Aztec and Maya as well as European colonization. It is unique and probably one of the most fascinating cultures in the world.

The traditions and customs of the Mexican people are varied and diverse. They are proud of their native heritage and each region has its own cultural practices and celebrations. Many of the ancient traditions of their ancestors have been preserved making it a fascinating destination to explore. There are several indigenous groups within Mexico including the Nahuas, Otomis, Mayas, Zapotecs, Tzeltales and Tzotziles. These have all influenced the Mexican culture in terms of cuisine, medicine, rituals and language.

With all this inspiraton, we decided to design something special as unique as the Mexican culture, so with all this ideas on mind, we decided to create the RCC Mexico City Jersey.  


The Inspiration: Mexican Zarape

The collection takes up all the tradition of Mexican looms and the passion of our artisans to create true works of art in each piece and merges with the same obsession that Rapha has for bringing the best kits and especially for the love of cycling into an epic collection that fuses the best of Mexico and the brand into one world.





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